Steve Thrash By Steve Thrash • February 17, 2017

2017 update

2017 Update

Greetings! The results are in and 2016 was an exceptionally active year as you chose Service Concepts to help you help your local members. Thank you again for this opportunity to serve.


Service Concepts marks its first full year as part of the AM Conservation Group. Over 375 products are now part of the enhanced offerings that cooperatives choose from including customized energy saving kits, water items, light bulbs and in-home devices, air filters, custom annual meeting gifts, and other items to help members save while meeting your cooperatives’ program objectives.

One exciting new feature we will introduce this year at the NRECA TechAdvantage Expo (Booth #1529) is the new enhanced online product store ordering site, where cooperatives under their own branded site can offer advice and specially priced energy saving products. The online sites can apply instant rebates and discounts, send members order confirmations, tracking, and access reports on total energy savings.

Another expansion in the works is offering lighting solutions for your agricultural members including poultry, swine and dairy farms, and providing products to assist your key commercial and industrial accounts.

So, lots of excitement ahead with lots of new possibilities to talk about as you prepare your 2017 member programs.

We appreciate the opportunity you provide us to serve, as we help all people use our word’s precious resources more efficiently.

Steve Thrash
General Manager