Rachel Barker By Rachel Barker • June 19, 2017

Featured Product Review - Candelabra LED

I met with Rickey McMillan from Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi (ECM) at the Connect Conference in May, 2017. Rickey was interested in the 5 watt Candelabra LED we had on display. He had common questions that electric cooperatives and their members have, like "Will it be bright enough if it's only 40 watts?" and "Will they work in my ceiling fan?"


Rickey let me know that his wife is particular about the color and brightness of the lighting in their house. I asked him if I could send him product samples to try and if he would provide feedback. I wanted to give him the opportunity to answer his questions while being able to provide valuable information to other cooperatives and their members. 

l05cdl27k.jpgOur 5 watt Candelabra LED (product number L05CDL27K) was tested and reviewed by Rickey. His first comment was, "These LEDs do put out an amazing amount of light." He said that before trying the LEDs he had installed 40 watt incandescent bulbs in his ceiling fan, which is what this piece of equipment called for. "It just wasn't very bright in the room for my wife and me," said Rickey. "You know how us old people are." 

They then decided to use 60 watt incandescent bulbs instead. "They worked as far as brightness, which they should with a combined 180 watts," shared Rickey. "However, they put out an unbelievable amount of heat in the fixture and they would blow fairly quickly."

The Candelabra LED solved both of Rickey's problems: bad lighting and short bulb life. "These bulbs do put out better light than the three 40 watts we had originally. It is amazing to think, considering three 40 watt bulbs burning 120 watts or three 60 watt bulbs burning 180 watts is not as good as the three LEDs burning only 15 watts combined," said Rickey. 

We appreciate Rickey taking the time to review our product and hope it will help other cooperatives and their members. Are you interested in using Service Concepts products as part of your energy efficiency programs? We have a wide variety of lighting, energy, water and weatherization products that would be perfect for cooperatives to provide to their members.

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